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Denas Pain Relief Store

Denas Scenar Therapy for Pain Relief

“Scenar Technology was developed over 40 years ago as a natural non invasive, drug free therapy for chronic pain and other health issues that may be caused by inflammation.  SCENAR technology has been used by hospitals, clinics and therapist for decades with clinically proven results. In 1998 Denas MS Corporation created a more advanced technology by blending Chinese traditional acupuncture with Scenar technology, along with biofeedback, and continues as a forerunner in the field. Through application of this therapy, your body quickly responds to the energy helping reduce or eliminate your body’s acute and chronic internal and external issues, thus allowing your body to heal naturally without the adverse side effects of drugs or pharmaceutic”

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Plasma Energy Solution

“Paul and Lynn lived in New Mexico and then Colorado for many years where Paul practiced veterinary medicine. Paul was one of the first veterinarians to study acupuncture for animals in the United States in the mid-70s. 

After retiring from veterinary medicine and moving to Montana Paul never lost interest in alternative therapies and started studying plasma energy technology as taught by nuclear atomic physicist and engineer  who has made information from many of his patents freely available to all who wish to learn about plasma energy.”

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NES Health


“With more than three decades of research as its solid foundation, and a flourishing global community of over 5,000+ practitioners, NES Health leads the world in bioenergetics.

NES Health provides a complete system to restore health and energy at its source. By looking at the physics underlying the biochemical nature of the body, we can now analyze and correct the body’s bio-field and information, which, after more than 30 years of scientific research, has been shown to be the master control system for the body’s health and functioning.

We approach health from the key perspective that energy and information control biology.

Cutting-edge science has proven that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the subcellular level. At NES Health, we call this the Human Body-Field.

In over three decades of research, we have discovered that distortions and blockages in the
Body-Field, which serves as a master control system for all physiological function, can lead to physical problems and deteriorating health.

Our BioEnegetiX WellNES System, comprising our full suite of solutions,  identifies and corrects these distortions, so that the Body-Field and subsequently the body itself can more easily and naturally return to optimum function”

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Yoga 108

Location: Long Beach, CA

Unique Perks: Infrared Hot Yoga



“At Yoga108, we merge strong physical asana with the ancient teachings of yoga. Students can get a great workout, learn physical yoga technique, find community, and download the deep wisdom of the yoga tradition. Whether you are working on fitness or spirituality, Yoga108 has many offerings: daily vinyasa classes, workshops, events, kirtans, teacher trainings, retreats, and pilgrimages to India.”

Yogalution Movement

Location: Long Beach, CA

Unique Perks: Donation based, Offer free yoga daily




Our mission is to make yoga accessible to ALL, regardless of your financial situation, socioeconomic status, race, religion, spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs, age, gender or gender preference.

Our goal is to provide tools, knowledge and wisdom for health, well-being, and to allow for a balanced body, mind and spirit.

Our Yoga Instructors are not just teachers, they are PEACE AMBASSADORS. We aim to provide the community with instructors who LIVE yoga and LOVE yoga, not just as a physical practice, but as a lifestyle.

Our desire is to Inspire you, to tap into your greatness, your authenticity, not only on your mat, but out in the world. So we strive to provide you everyday with CLASSICAL TEACHINGS for CULTURED LIVING

Join The Movement:

Its a Yoga Revolution !! “


5 Fun Breezy Summer Tips and Trends :)

Things are heating up, and having recently transplanted to Southern California, I am beginning to sense the shift into Summer.  The first day of summer is officially June 21, so get ready to pamper yourself and melt into a nice fun pace.

  1. Epsom salt baths are a truly wonderful way to  relieve stress. Epsom salt is not technically salt but rather the minerals magensium and sulfate. Running a nice warm bath with these magnesium flakes is a great way to refresh and re-charge after a long day. Whether your body is sore from working out,  or you’re feeling the need to decompress after a long day of something that brought up lots of emotions, Epsom salts can help cleanse and clear the body of sticky tension sitting in the body ready to be released. Light a candle, and indulge in some self-loving. I like Life-Flo pure magnesium flakes, they melt in the bath and have a great texture that readily dissolves. Add some essential oils, and allow for some YOU time.

2. Speaking of essential oils , my life has been truly enhanced and improved by the installment of various aromatherapy practices. I feel an immediate sense of peace and calm when I drop some essential oils into my diffuser, turn on some mood lighting and allow my mind to settle after a long day. Take a look at my article, regarding the tested scientific backing behind the science of aromatherapy.

I am a huge fan of vetiver because of it’s musky and earthy scent. I enjoy the Young Living Essential Oils because they are such high quality that you can drink them. Believe me, for those of you that know essential oils, it is rare to find such a high quality oil that you can drink, so this is a reason I greatly support this product. I enjoy using their diffusers as well.  Two oils that I have been deeply enjoying are Rare Essence OM blend that promotes calming and inner peace through the scent of frankincense, patchouli, cedarwood, and tangerine,  and of course the classic,  Vetiver oil. These products, are not drinkable, but they are a little easier on the budget and great for diffusing. 🙂

3.  House plants are another great and soothing healthy resource to incorporate into life. They cheer up a home and bring life and comfort to a space. There are many plants that can survive indoors off limited light and will thrive inside your home. I can’t stress enough the value of bringing some greenery into the house. Some plants do better in different rooms of the house, so check out this article to see what plants thrive where: The  Best Plants For Every Room of the House. 

I recently bought some English Ivy which I’m keeping on a ledge in my shower with the hopes that it will live there happily and allow for it’s vines to sexily unfold into our showerspace. Also, in our bathroom I’ve put some classic Aloe, which for the nature of this article is GREAT, as many of us know for, SunBurns! It’s great to keep aloe on hand and to break off a little piece of the plant after a long day of lounging in the sun on a summer day. It also provides great relief from Poison Ivy.  Ahhhh….

4.  Free Activities! I feel like over the summer every one is out sunning their buns. With that being said there are often tons of great free activities to participate in. You just need to know where to look. Whether it may be a romantic free movie in the park, or yoga session, free is sexy and fun! If you currently reside in the Denver area, take a look at this great article loaded with tips that showcase 10 Free To-Do Summer activities .  In addition, for those of you in San Francisco, SF Fun Cheap is a database that has tons of free and cheap activities in the Bay Area. Lastly, for those of you living in the LBC (Long Beach County) take a peek at Yoga on the Bluff Yoga through Yogalution, they host free yoga outside EVERY DAY. What are your favorite free summer activites?


5. This bathing suitbecause can it get any cuter?

Enjoy your summer lovelies.



Some of my friends are the creators of a game that embodies and explores various aspects of human nature and consciousness. Simply put they have designed a platform, and ‘infinite game’ that extends beyond the physical, web, iphone, and Virtual Reality mediums in which it can be played. XtheGame dances with our consciousness in real-time as we learn how to effectively communicate and problem solve. The best way to understand it, is to download it and see for yourself…but I’ll do my best to try and explain what this awesome organization is helping to build and develop (in VR now too which is actually mind-blowing). consc

So basically you can use this among a group of people, or just with yourself. You ‘play with consciousness’ and engage with random ‘cards’ that are pulled from the game Deck. These cards help you to guide your consciousness and the intention set forth at the beginning. So this could be mind-matter interaction, it could be a quantum portal. But in ways the randomness of the cards kind of ‘get you thinking’, so as you dive deeper into whatever the intention you have set (Why can’t I find housing? What’s my role within this organization? etc…) You can choose cards at random to see consciousness help to guide your dialogue. I will do a video soon of me playing it so you can better understand. So basically it helps you dive more deeply into your subconscious…



Download it for yourself and see. 🙂

“XtheGame is more than a game. It is a powerful communications and relationship building tool that brings people together to deep levels of connection. X is a card game, board game, web game, mobile game and soon to be social networking app, that represents the real Game of Life.”

Download the free iPhone app: eXorb

Check out their website, here.


Be and Be Well Activation Center & Float Tanks

For my Santa Cruz babies… Be and Be Well Activation Center has a float tank, infrared Sauna,  healthy food preparation and a sweet vibe. It’s got a funky burning man energy–colorful and other-worldy. Plan a retreat or getaway to unwind.

Float Tanks are said to:

  • Ease your stress
  • Enhance your Health
  • Exit your limitations
  • Experience your being
  • Explore your soul purpose
  • Exalt with clarity
  • Embark on your journey
  • Embody your destiny
“Shanti and Jai have been co-creating a WELLness space for over 20 years.  Shanti has decades of eXperience with BioDynamic Psychology, BodyWork, Re-Birthing and LifeCoaching. Jai is the mastermind behind eXperienc The GAME, a communication tool where everyone wins. As a team, they have cultivated an environment with all the necessary tools to help you stimulate inner balance and WELL-being. They both love playing, floating and preparing wholesome food for their guests. The perfect combo for a ‘Flotation B&B’

Choose to stay at the Be and Be WELL for as long as you need for your vacation from a toxic world… and come back into balance from within! The pristine Santa Cruz Mountains are a perfect healing environment.

Ready to sweep your slate clean from toxins, negative programs and destructive cellular memories? Our goal is Metabolic Wellness with physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, aesthetic, social, carrier and family balance.Metabolic Wellness happens when all areas are in regenerative relationship with each other, and activated to their highest potential.

Be and Be WELL serves your well being. We don’t treat disease, we encourage  your body, mind and spirit to remember how to stay in balance. Our services are tailored to the personal need of the client, using the  Metabolic WELLness WHEEL.”

More info, here.

Hope Lab

HopeLabs mission:

“A bold idea. In 2001 Pam Omidyar founded HopeLab to create a video game that would help kids with cancer fight their disease. Many people thought the idea was outlandish. But the game, Re-Mission, worked. Players felt stronger, more connected to their treatment process, and more in control of their recovery – like a hero with a purpose. In short, they experienced resilience. Research showed that young cancer patients who play the Re-Mission games stuck to their cancer meds more consistently, improving their health and well-being.

A catalyst for change. Building on the success of Re-Mission, HopeLab has gradually expanded its focus – moving from the development of games for patients with cancer, to the wider application of evidence-based technologies to improve the health and well-being of kids and young adults. The lessons we’ve learned about how to apply human-centered design and technology tools to create resilience among youth puts us in a unique position to assist a wide number of partner organizations seeking to make a difference in kids’ lives.

Design recipe. In designing health solutions, we start by identifying specific behavioral outcomes. Like taking cancer drugs, or getting more physical activity, or being kinder and more compassionate. We gather data to better understand the psychology that motivates or inhibits that behavior. Then, we create solutions that engage those psychological drivers, like a  video game, or an activity meter, or an app. By helping users shift their attitudes and motivation, our technology solutions help empower healthy behavior.”


The P.E.A.C.E. Museum

PM Logo

“The P.e.a.c.e. Museum is a hybrid art gallery, auction house and museum located inside American Steel Studios in West Oakland. Our mission is to collaboratively curate ongoing explorations into the nature of reality and consciousness with art, artists and the science that makes it all possible.

We curate fequent art exhibits that are also formalized consciousness experiments. To study these environments we use unified event detectors in the background, and sometimes as part of the exhibit itself: Experibitions. If you are inspired to expand your consciousness and support our mission; Fine Art works are available for acquisition in person, by phone and online via our Double-Blind Bidding and Logical Valuation Matrix. You can find us at events and by appointment- 24/7.

Æthernaut Works is a new division of The P.e.a.c.e. Museum made up of consciousness researchers who are a Lutron certified to provide smart home lighting, programming, design and installation services. We have the ability to install full spectrum lighting controls, with audio and visual equipment to include both immersive residential atmospheric environments and corporate training facilities. Think meditation room, art galleries, corporate chill space, music venues or anyplace an individual or group would like to help reaching their desired brain state.”