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Plasma Energy Solution

“Paul and Lynn lived in New Mexico and then Colorado for many years where Paul practiced veterinary medicine. Paul was one of the first veterinarians to study acupuncture for animals in the United States in the mid-70s. 

After retiring from veterinary medicine and moving to Montana Paul never lost interest in alternative therapies and started studying plasma energy technology as taught by nuclear atomic physicist and engineer  who has made information from many of his patents freely available to all who wish to learn about plasma energy.”

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Quantum Levitation

Levitation of a magnet above a cooled superconductor can been explained by the Meissner Effect. If a superconductor is cooled below its critical temperature while in a magnetic field, the magnetic field surrounds but does not penetrate the superconductor. The magnet induces currents in the superconductor which create a counter-magnetic force that causes the two materials to repel. The induced currents are due to the presence of the external field and not due to flux changes as frequently seen in metals (Faraday’s and Lenz’s laws)

quantum lev 2

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Quantum Levitation: