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Dreamapp: Unlock the Meaning of Your Dreams

“DreamApp finds the meaning of your dreams immediately after you wake up. We explain why you have seen this dream and use it to identify what is blocking your mental health and happiness.

Designed to be your companion and connect the dots between dreams and waking life.

DreamApp analyzes text through a machine learning algorithm to find keys and interpret themes using context and unconscious relationships.”


A NYT article written about dreamapp…

As Dreams of Peace Wither, Nightmares Flourish in Ukraine’s Sleep

The Lost Century: And How to Reclaim It

The essence of this documentary expresses one of the greatest questions that will surface in our history.

If this information has, to this point, remained ‘classified’, what advanced technologies have also remained classified? Does free energy already exist? How could this information have served our planet and the destruction of our environment?

Who is responsible?