Be and Be Well Activation Center & Float Tanks

For my Santa Cruz babies… Be and Be Well Activation Center has a float tank, infrared Sauna,  healthy food preparation and a sweet vibe. It’s got a funky burning man energy–colorful and other-worldy. Plan a retreat or getaway to unwind.

Float Tanks are said to:

  • Ease your stress
  • Enhance your Health
  • Exit your limitations
  • Experience your being
  • Explore your soul purpose
  • Exalt with clarity
  • Embark on your journey
  • Embody your destiny
“Shanti and Jai have been co-creating a WELLness space for over 20 years.  Shanti has decades of eXperience with BioDynamic Psychology, BodyWork, Re-Birthing and LifeCoaching. Jai is the mastermind behind eXperienc The GAME, a communication tool where everyone wins. As a team, they have cultivated an environment with all the necessary tools to help you stimulate inner balance and WELL-being. They both love playing, floating and preparing wholesome food for their guests. The perfect combo for a ‘Flotation B&B’

Choose to stay at the Be and Be WELL for as long as you need for your vacation from a toxic world… and come back into balance from within! The pristine Santa Cruz Mountains are a perfect healing environment.

Ready to sweep your slate clean from toxins, negative programs and destructive cellular memories? Our goal is Metabolic Wellness with physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, aesthetic, social, carrier and family balance.Metabolic Wellness happens when all areas are in regenerative relationship with each other, and activated to their highest potential.

Be and Be WELL serves your well being. We don’t treat disease, we encourage  your body, mind and spirit to remember how to stay in balance. Our services are tailored to the personal need of the client, using the  Metabolic WELLness WHEEL.”

More info, here.

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