Some of my friends are the creators of a game that embodies and explores various aspects of human nature and consciousness. Simply put they have designed a platform, and ‘infinite game’ that extends beyond the physical, web, iphone, and Virtual Reality mediums in which it can be played. XtheGame dances with our consciousness in real-time as we learn how to effectively communicate and problem solve. The best way to understand it, is to download it and see for yourself…but I’ll do my best to try and explain what this awesome organization is helping to build and develop (in VR now too which is actually mind-blowing). consc

So basically you can use this among a group of people, or just with yourself. You ‘play with consciousness’ and engage with random ‘cards’ that are pulled from the game Deck. These cards help you to guide your consciousness and the intention set forth at the beginning. So this could be mind-matter interaction, it could be a quantum portal. But in ways the randomness of the cards kind of ‘get you thinking’, so as you dive deeper into whatever the intention you have set (Why can’t I find housing? What’s my role within this organization? etc…) You can choose cards at random to see consciousness help to guide your dialogue. I will do a video soon of me playing it so you can better understand. So basically it helps you dive more deeply into your subconscious…



Download it for yourself and see. 🙂

“XtheGame is more than a game. It is a powerful communications and relationship building tool that brings people together to deep levels of connection. X is a card game, board game, web game, mobile game and soon to be social networking app, that represents the real Game of Life.”

Download the free iPhone app: eXorb

Check out their website, here.


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