3 thoughts on “Playing XtheGame”

  1. This is so cool that we are not only gaining some great training material, we will develop the Xblog, which will ultimately be a WordPress theme.

    My Relate is that “You Rock” Isabelle. I/We are so glad to have you on team!!!

    The card I got is: “the Fortune Cookie” which is an “empowerment device” within the X deck. This means, (my task is to fill in the rest of the fortune which starts with “You…”

    You… will manifest THE dream place to live confirming THE power of synchronicity, trust and hope!

  2. Lets set up the system for any ambassdor to do this for their local network and as part of the collective sharing.

    Lets set up the Wiki, where I plan to store all this collective knowledge base. Are you down to start and build this super repository and X Library for the future…?

    1. Very cool, yes lets explore it more. Thank you for leaving a comment. Archiving will begin as a first good step, definitely. Currently my time is spent a great deal on housing, but I’m excited to see how everything perfectly intersects these are some of my friends too… http://www.thepeacemuseum.org/
      And I definitely see overlap…maybe we could combine forces with them.

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