These people.

These people are struggling with nothing to eat,

These people are lying nearly dead at your feet in the street.

The struggle is real and addiction is high

But what makes them different from you and I?

To shopping, clothes, food and weed,

We are struggling to live.

What does the human race need? 

Nice guys turned mean in this system of greed.

What to do?

Where to go when the pain just overflows? 

I just don’t know.

“Know what you know”, he said to me.

My saving grace.

My life I give unto thee.

One person at a time.

One life turns sublime.

Sitting in bed.

These thoughts in my head.

Nothing subsides the killing until we are all dead.

Food all greasy, quell my anxiety.

I’ve been trying to no end.

What to do to mend it, friend? 



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