Institute Of Noetic Sciences (IONS)


“The Institute of Noetic Sciences serves an emerging movement of globally conscious citizens dedicated to manifesting our highest capacities. We believe that consciousness is essential to a paradigm shift that will lead to a more sustainable world. We encourage open-minded explorations of consciousness through the meeting of science and spirit.” – About Us, IONS Website

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“What is outside is also inside; and what is not outside man is not inside. The outer and the inner are one thing, one constellation, one influence, one concordance, one duration… one fruit” 

-Robert Moss, DreamGates




Am i being stubborn and prideful? Holding on to this city like a frayed purse string , hoping to ‘make it’, figure something out.. all at the expense of my mothers tiny income being wasted away at my seemingly endless dalliances.

How do we know what to do upon graduation? We’re young, we’re horny, we’re like fresh little seedlings that have just praire-dogged our curious little minds into the nature of existence. But how long does this ‘figuring’ out time last? 

How long do we sit here, hoping for a miracle? Doing the work.. but still similarly confused. 

Human Brain Project

hpb“Understanding the human brain is one of the greatest challenges facing 21st century science. If we can rise to it, we can gain profound insights into what makes us human, build revolutionary computing technologies and develop new treatments for brain disorders. Today, for the first time, modern ICT has brought these goals within reach. ” -Human Brain Project



Relaxation Tea

blue lotus

Blue Lotus & Lavender: Good For Relaxation and Sleep. Also, an aphrodisiac. Cleopatra drank Blue Lotus Wine before going to bed with her lovers each night. It creates a Euphoric and Relaxing Sensation. It’s been said to help with reaching higher levels of consciousness. It has been said to be a Sleep-Aid and help with Anxiety. Lavender is known for its soothing effects and helps to bring about a sense of calm. Together, this blend is perfect for before bed or winding down the night.

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